When the Salem Mass. Mass. Tourism Board decided to ban ‘mass tourism’ in Salem

On Wednesday, the Salem tourism board voted unanimously to remove all state-sponsored mass tourism from the city, effective immediately.The board voted to remove the Salem International Airport as the sole mass tourism destination in the city and remove the city’s iconic landmarks such as the Salem Museum and Salem Library.In addition, Salem will no longer

How Japan is becoming the first country in the world to introduce sex tourism

Tourism has become the newest form of commerce in Japan.The country’s tourism industry is one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region.More than half of Japan’s GDP comes from tourism.Japan is a country where sex tourism has become more popular than ever before, especially in its northern areas.The first country to introduce the concept in

Why you need to know about the world’s largest and fastest growing travel market

More than 5,000 Chinese travelers have already booked a trip to Australia’s second-largest city, Sydney, in 2017.Here are five key points about the market.1.The region is booming: The International Tourism Market (ITM) was launched in 2016 as an initiative by the Tourism Industry Council of Australia (TICA).The organisation, which provides data to government, has tracked

How to avoid being kidnapped by a tourist

Newfoundland is a unique destination, with its own cuisine, music, arts and history.But it’s also a world away from the tourists’ favourite place, Canada.“I don’t think people understand that it’s not the destination for them,” said Sarah Whitehead, a member of the Newfoundland Tourism Authority.“The tourist industry has to be responsible to the tourism industry,

New Mexico’s tourism industry in a state of flux

New Mexico is in the midst of a major tourism downturn.Tourism industry experts say the state’s tourism and entertainment sectors are experiencing a downturn as demand and tourism investment are dropping off.The industry is experiencing a decline in both the number of visitors and the amount of business travelers can expect in the coming months,

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