The Latest on Gov. Jim Talent’s announcement that Wisconsin tourism will be exempt from a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

As the first state in the nation to enact a ban on fracking, the new governor is making the move on his own.Gov.Scott Walker has proposed eliminating the requirement for permits for hydraulic fracturing, a process that uses water and chemicals to extract natural gas from rock formations.The idea was put forth by Walker in

What you need to know about the Israel Tourism Center

Jerusalem: The Israel Tourism Office announced Monday that it has launched a tourism program to help boost tourism in the city’s Arab and Jewish communities.The tourism center is one of several initiatives that the office is launching in Israel and abroad to bring Israeli and foreign visitors together and help them feel the Israeli culture.Its

Germany and Brazil set to launch new tourist attractions

German and Brazilian officials announced plans to open an Olympic park, the first in South America, in 2018.The World Cup is set to be played in the summer of 2022.The German and Brazil’s tourism associations announced plans for a new park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August, but did not name it.The new park

Why did I spend $200,000 in Kentucky?

Samoan tourism is booming in Kentucky.The tourism industry here is booming, and Kentucky is the second-most popular destination for visitors after New Orleans, according to the Tourism Kentucky Association.And the Kentucky tourism industry has also been getting better over the last few years.A lot of the changes are thanks to the Kentucky Tourism Tourism Investment

India has launched a massive tourism drive in remote areas to lure visitors to its coastal areas

India’s tourism minister, Piyush Goyal, has launched the country’s biggest tourism drive so far in remote places like Mizoram and Tripura to attract tourists.The tourism ministry has launched seven national tourism programmes across the country, including a Rs1,000 crore tourism drive and an ambitious tourism strategy to reach 1.3 billion people by 2022, according to

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