Sydney to be the hub of new jersey tourism in 2022

Sydney, Australia will be the epicentre of new shirt tourism in 2023, according to new data released by the Australian Tourism Commission.The figures show Sydney will overtake Brisbane as the country’s second-most popular tourist destination in 2022, according a report released on Thursday.The data showed the city’s new jersey tourists, who made up about 40

When will the Olympics be cancelled?

The Rio Olympics are almost over, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is about to take over.But what happens if a big sporting event like the Olympics ends up being cancelled? What are the chances of the Games being cancelled before they start? That depends on how much money is spent.If the Games were cancelled, the money

What is ‘travel tourism’?

A report released Tuesday by the Illinois Tourism Department says the state’s tourism industry has “remained resilient” despite the recent “dramatic downturn” in the region.The state’s Tourism Department has warned that the tourism industry “is facing unprecedented challenges.”The report, issued Tuesday by Tourism Illinois, also called on the state to improve its infrastructure for tourism,

Health tourism to Brazil, Malaysia and other South Asian countries on the rise

India’s health tourism to South Asia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.In India, the country’s tourism department says the country is currently witnessing a record number of visitors in the health tourism industry.According to the department, a total of 4.1 million tourists visited South Asia last year, up from 3.9 million in 2015.The ministry

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