Which state is the most beautiful in California?

It is a beautiful state, but one that has suffered from an influx of tourists.From the 1960s through the 1990s, tourists flocked to Santa Fe to take part in the state’s spectacular annual parades.The region became known for its beautiful beaches and spectacular waterfalls.But over the years, tourism has fallen, with many resorts closing or

‘You Can’t Just Take It For Granted’: New Jersey’s Jersey Shore is Changing After Hurricane Irene

New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie has a plan to make the state a tourist destination again after Hurricane Irenee knocked out power to nearly 60,000 residents and left millions without power.Christie is proposing a $500 million program to make New Jersey a top tourist destination.In a statement, Christie said the state will get a “top-notch system”

‘No-go zone’: Norway says it’s considering banning tourists from its islands

Norway has announced that it is considering banning visitors from its faroe islands and will try to limit the number of tourists in its towns.The country’s tourism ministry said in a statement on Friday that it was looking into possible restrictions of all tourist activities, including skiing and boating.The move comes after a recent study

How to travel to the UK from Australia and New Zealand

The most popular destinations in the UK and the U.S. are two countries that have been heavily affected by the Ebola virus, with travel from these regions also a growing concern.In the United States, travel from major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. has dropped as

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