How to stay safe in the city of Phoenix

With an annual murder rate of 5,957 and a murder rate per capita of about $7,000, Phoenix is the safest place to be in Australia.

The city has the third highest murder rate in the country after Melbourne and Adelaide.

And although Phoenix’s population is a fraction of Sydney’s, it’s also one of the safest.

There’s an average of five homicides a day and it has an average crime rate of around 10 per cent.

Phoenix police are known for being able to keep the peace and a few of their officers are known to have been involved in the recent death of a teenager.

Detective Superintendent Mike Smith, who is based in Phoenix, said the city was a safe place to live.

“We have a good reputation as a safe city and we certainly pride ourselves in being a very safe city,” he said.

“I think that’s why people are coming back from Phoenix.”

Phoenix is famous for its unique architecture and design.

The city is also famous for the city’s iconic Phoenix Suns logo and its iconic red and white stripes, which has been a symbol of the Phoenix Suns since its founding in 1995.

While Phoenix is known for its reputation as being a safe and secure place to visit, the city is not immune to crime.

The Phoenix Police Association has been campaigning for decades to reduce the citys murder rate.

It has lobbied the federal government to ban the sale of guns in public places.

This week the federal Government announced it would be looking at reducing the number of guns available in Queensland.

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