Why Bulgaria is the world’s top tourist destination

Bulgaria is in the midst of a tourism boom, but the country’s tourism board is warning of a shortage of hotel rooms and the rise of online booking sites to make it difficult to find a room.

The board has proposed to introduce a system to let people book hotel rooms through a new website, which it says will help alleviate the pressure on hotels.

A system that will let people stay in hotels will help relieve pressure on the hotels.

The board is also considering a tax of up to 1.2 percent on hotel rooms booked through online booking websites, with a 20 percent tax on the remainder.

Bulgaria, a country of more than 30 million people, has one of the highest occupancy rates in the world, but many of its hotels are in the worst shape.

Its hotel occupancy rate of 17.5 percent is the second-highest in Europe, trailing only Switzerland, according to the Association of European Hotel Operators.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria announced plans to launch a pilot program for online booking services, but it has not yet announced the details of how it will implement it.

In recent years, the government has been trying to ease the burden on hotels by cutting hotel taxes and offering discounted rates for booking hotels through online services.

The online booking platform Hotels.com was launched in 2015 and is expected to reach 1 million hotel rooms by 2020.

However, it has faced some opposition from hotels and hotel owners in the country who say the service is only used by those who want to book their rooms, not for the general public.

The government is currently debating whether to allow the online booking service to operate on its own.

The proposal by the Bulgarian tourism board comes as the country prepares to host the first ever World Tourism Conference, which is scheduled to begin this week.

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