What the world’s top tourist attractions in 2017 will be like

By Rob GriffithsRead moreThe US has been the biggest tourist attraction for the past four years, and the UK is the world leader.

However, the world is moving towards the next big one: China.

In 2018, the number of visitors to China will increase by almost two-thirds to almost 3.5bn, according to the US Department of Commerce.

That will give it the largest share of the world tourism market, overtaking the UK, which will account for almost 80% of the market.

The biggest winners will be Chinese tourists, who are spending a record $8.5 trillion (£5.5tn) on their trips.

China’s government is already trying to increase its market share.

Its Tourism Development Institute, the country’s top economic development body, is developing a new national tourism strategy to increase tourism in the next two decades.

It has launched an ambitious campaign to promote its culture and history through tourism.

The institute says it has more than 4.5m registered visitors, of whom more than 1.5 million are foreigners.

The organisation is also developing a national tourism plan, which aims to create a sustainable tourism industry.

The government has also introduced the new national budget, which includes plans for more infrastructure, better infrastructure management and more tourist destinations.

But the plan will not necessarily be enough to make China a top tourist destination.

Its population is still growing rapidly.

The country is now expected to overtake the UK as the world capital of international tourism.

Its tourism infrastructure is underdeveloped, but there are also concerns about its ability to attract foreign investment.

China has a population of only 2.2bn and many of its major cities are already overcrowded.

A recent government survey found that nearly half of the country has an air pollution problem, and most of the air pollution is caused by smog.

Chinese cities have been hit hard by pollution over the past few years.

Beijing and Shanghai are already facing major air pollution problems.

Beijing, with more than 100 million residents, has been hit particularly hard, with the number and number of deaths at an alarming rate.

The Chinese government has pledged to boost air quality controls in 2020, but the pollution is still a problem.

China is the only country that has no national air quality standards.

The country’s air quality is also a concern for international travellers.

A Chinese pollution study conducted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2015 found that Beijing, which has a per capita income of US$1,000, had the highest air pollution in the world.

The pollution is not only in China, but also in many of the major cities around the world, including New York, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris and Tokyo.

There are also fears that Beijing’s efforts to reduce air pollution are only half-hearted, and that China’s efforts are only part of the problem.

In an interview with Reuters, Beijing’s Environment Protection Bureau chief Zhu Guangyong said the government had been too slow to act and did not have the political will to reduce pollution.

He said China was already behind other countries in tackling pollution.

“China has a lot of capacity and it is a major contributor to the world and also to the economy,” he said.

Zhu added that the government was working on more ambitious plans for reducing pollution.

China has also been taking steps to improve air quality, which have been widely criticised.

Last month, the city of Zhengzhou announced it was developing a pollution control system to prevent premature deaths from pollution.

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