Which cities are best to visit in Denmark?

The sport bible has ranked Copenhagen’s best tourist destination in Europe, and the answer could be the capital of Denmark.

The city’s tourism board has decided to rename the city after its former Mayor, Peter Håkan Sørensen, and has released its list of top 10 most popular destinations.

The board also decided to highlight the Danish language as one of the most popular in the country.

It said it wanted to show the city as an international and diverse destination for visitors.

“The list of our top 10 destinations shows that Copenhagen is the most appealing place in the world to visit, and one of Europe’s best cities,” the board said in a statement.

“It is a city of many cultures and languages, and is home to a diverse range of cultures, religions, and traditions.”

Copenhagen is a very diverse city with a diverse population, with many cultures mixing and competing for the same places.

“Therefore it is our duty to show that the city is not just a place for tourists, but also an international centre for people with different perspectives, from the most recent arrivals to the people who have lived in Denmark for generations.”

In this way we hope to encourage all those in Denmark who are interested in Danish culture and the people and culture of the country to come here.

“The Copenhagen mayor has been a major figure in the city’s resurgence, after a recent boom that saw the number of visitors increase by nearly 60% in just two years.

He was elected in 2015 and became mayor in 2016.

He has also been a staunch supporter of the Danish flag and the city has become a favourite destination for visiting foreign dignitaries.

The list also highlighted Denmark’s top 5 cultural destinations, which included the city of Copenhagen, the country’s capital, as well as its neighbouring country of Greenland and its archipelago, Norway.

The tourism board said it had a strong record in the past of attracting international tourists to Denmark.”

We are proud to have been the number one destination for the tourism industry in Denmark in the last four years, in terms of number of international visitors,” the statement said.”

To have been ranked number one is an incredible achievement.

“For this reason we hope that people will consider us as an ideal destination for foreign tourists.”

CopenHagen also had its top 10 best restaurants.

The Danish flag, the city was the capital in the 1990s and has been home to the Danish national anthem since 1989.

The number of restaurants and bars in the Danish capital is also the highest in Europe.

“There are some outstanding Danish restaurants and some well-known ones,” the tourism board added.

“Danish culture and hospitality are strong in the whole of the city.”

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