What you need to know about the Italian city of Rome

By now, the phrase “tourism” has become synonymous with Rome.

We’ve all seen pictures of the beautiful city, and it’s certainly not a tourist destination, but Rome is a big tourist attraction, and its history has long been one of economic success and economic decline.

The city has long hosted the Italian football team, the Giallorossi, as well as a few other international teams and clubs.

But the city also hosts a significant number of Romanians, many of whom have come to Rome to visit family, to live, and to live in the capital.

In fact, Rome has more than twice as many Romanians as residents of other European capitals.

And Rome is also home to the most iconic landmark in the world, the Pantheon. 

In order to help inform visitors about the city’s history and culture, we’ve compiled a list of the most important landmarks and cultural sites in Rome, along with information on the city as a whole.

If you’re visiting Rome in the near future, be sure to read through the full list to make sure you’re taking in all the history and its cultural and architectural riches. 


The Pantheon Rome has one of the largest palaces in the Roman world.

It is located in the historic center of the city, the old city, which dates back to the Roman Republic and remains the largest building in the Old City.

Its main square is named after the goddess of love, Venus.


The Pantheon is a popular tourist attraction There are three main temples to Venus in Rome: the Pantaion, the Basilica of St. Paul, and the St. Peter’s Basilica.

The St. Mark’s Basilicus, built around 890 CE, is the most famous and iconic building in Rome.

It was built by the Emperor Constantine in honor of the Virgin Mary, and is a symbol of the Catholic faith.


St. Mark was a Roman saint with a large shrine to the Virgin, and St. Matthew was the patron saint of the church in the city.

The statue of St Luke in the Basilicae of St Paul is a very popular icon.


Saint Mark’s basilica was the first church to be built in Rome The first church in Rome to be dedicated to the worship of Jesus Christ was the Basilium of St Mark in 1202.

Built in honor in honour of the patroness of the Roman church, St. Mary Magdalene, it was the tallest church in Italy at 675 meters (2,500 feet).


Venus was the daughter of St Peter and St Paul. 

During the reign of the Emperor Trajan, St Peter dedicated the basilica in Rome in 1099.

It housed the tomb of St Mary Magdelene and the tomb and tombstone of the Apostles. 

After Trajan’s death in 1172, the basilicas were given over to the Church of St George. 


Towers of St Matthew were built to house the basilicae In the early part of the 20th century, the Romans built a new basilica for St Mark and St Matthew in the former site of St Basilica, which was later renamed the St Mark Cathedral.

The basilica became a monument to St Mark, and in 1931, it became a National Historic Landmark.


Rome is the only city in Europe with a statue of Saint Mary Magdeline in the church In 2012, the Pope installed a statue depicting Saint Mary and the Virgin in the Church on St Mark’s Square, located in front of the Basilicas of St Anthony and St Peter.

It has been a symbol and a reminder of the connection between the Catholic Church and the Roman people.


Famous people of Rome Tricinus, a legendary Roman nobleman and a politician, was born in the year 974 in the town of Capua.

He is considered to be the father of Roman law and was known for his wealth and his political influence.

He was the second of the three sons of Emperor Constantine.


Virgil painted in the Vatican In 1323, the Church erected a bronze statue of Virgil in the basilics of St John Lateran and St Mark.


Marian, the mother of Jesus, was the wife of Constantine Virgilius Marianus was a member of the military elite who fought in the Trojan War.

He served as an army captain and later became the commander of the First Consuls military unit, the Legiones, in the first half of the 19th century. 

He also served as the consul in Constantinople in the early years of the Ottoman Empire.


Savior John the Baptist was a descendant of St Joseph, the patron of the Jews.

He became the bishop of the Jewish community in Rome during the reigns

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