When Brazil Tourism Goes Wild: The Rise of Brazilian Tourism

By David L. StoweJune 24, 2018 9:21:04The United States is on track to overtake Brazil as the world’s second-largest tourism destination in 2019, a new report shows.

Brazil has overtaken the U.S. in 2020, according to an analysis by consulting firm Strategy Analytics, which tracks travel trends around the world.

Brazil is now the fourth-largest destination in the world, behind the U, United Kingdom, and China.

Brazilian tourism has grown by 30% in the past three years, the report says.

That’s an increase of almost 8 million people.

It also marks the second-biggest growth in the global tourism industry, after North Korea.

The U.K. is now Brazil’s largest destination, with over 1.7 million visitors.

Brazil has overtaked China as the second biggest destination for tourists, followed by the U.

“In 2019, Brazil surpassed the U to become the world leader in tourism, with almost one-third of the world,” Strategy Analytics said in a press release.

It’s the fourth consecutive year the country has overtook the U as the top destination for global travelers.

It’s also the first time the country overtook China.

The U.A.E. overtook Brazil to become Asia’s top destination last year.

Brazil was the biggest market for U.N. aid in 2020 as the U., UK, and South Korea signed a historic $1 billion trade deal.

Brazil became the first country to sign a bilateral trade agreement with the U after signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes 12 countries.

U.S.-Brazil relations have been strained in recent years.

The two nations have had a frosty relationship since Trump took office, but have worked to mend fences in recent months.

The Trump administration has imposed sanctions on Brazilian President Michel Temer and suspended some of the economic aid that had been extended by the Obama administration to Brazil.

The sanctions are expected to be lifted soon.

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