What to know about Canada’s tourism boom

Canada’s global tourism industry is on a steady climb after a slow start to the year, with the country’s largest city enjoying record-breaking sales and new destinations popping up.

Here’s a look at the countrys biggest tourist destinations:Canadians who visit Canada every year spend $3.8 billion (€2.5 billion) in the country, according to data from the tourism industry’s biggest trade association.

That’s more than triple the amount spent last year and more than double the $2.2 billion spent by visitors to the United States.

Tourism Canada says it is seeing strong demand for travel and accommodation, as well as for family and holiday destinations in Africa and Asia.

But many Canadians say they want more from their trips, as their wallets tighten.

Here are the key takeaways from this week’s news, compiled by Mashable:Can you afford to go?

Travel to any Canadian city and you will find some big ticket items, like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls.

But Canadians don’t just shop at department stores.

They spend thousands of dollars on trips, from guided tours to the Canadian Rockies to the Niagara Falls, where visitors can see the sights in person.

For many Canadians, those experiences don’t come cheap.

According to data collected by the tourism trade association, the average ticket price in Canadian cities is $1,000, and some spend up to $2,000.

“Tourism in Canada is becoming increasingly competitive,” says John Lecce, chief executive officer of tourism association Tourism Canada.

“People are spending more than ever on their vacation.

So the big question is how much money will they save and how will they spend it?”

Tourism is a top priority for many Canadians who are looking to spend big on a trip to the Caribbean or the United Arab Emirates, says Stephanie Leblanc, a marketing consultant in Toronto who has been visiting Canada for nearly 20 years.

But LeblANC says it can be tough to find the right vacation package.

She says Canadians need to be more selective when looking for travel packages that offer the right price.

For example, you should be aware that there are many more vacation packages in Canada than in the United Kingdom, which is also one of the top destinations for Canadians.

The United Kingdom has a more robust tourism industry than Canada, with more than 500 international tour operators.

“I don’t think you can really expect a Canadian to take all of those things,” says Leblac.

“I think it’s more about how do you manage your budget and where are you going and what is your plan for where you are going?

So that will be a little more difficult for a Canadian who’s in the market for a big trip.”

For Canadians who want to travel overseas, Leblanca says they should choose the best price they can find.

“If you’re going to do something like a business trip and you’re looking at the best rate in the world, that’s what you’re gonna do,” she says.

“But if you’re spending $10,000 a night for a weekend trip in Canada and you are looking for a very low rate, you might not get a deal.”

The Canadian government has set up a new website, Travel Canada, that is designed to help Canadians compare prices and offers.

It says Canadians can use the site to see if their options are affordable and that travellers can also contact the agency if they have questions.

But Canadians have to know that they can always book a hotel room at the hotel of their choice and that a good room will be provided at the airport, says LeBlanc.

For the average Canadian, that means paying a little extra for a more convenient destination.

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