Kerala Tourism Board says it will stop hiring workers from neighbouring countries

KERALA, India — Kerala Tourism Board President R.S. Bhaskar on Thursday said it will not hire any more foreign workers for its Kerala Tourism Organization (KTO) staff and that the agency would hire from the other countries.

The Kerala Tourism Organisation (KTOU) will be the first private company in India to be certified by the government and will become the first of its kind in the country, Bhaskary said.

The KTO will hire foreign workers from the countries of neighbouring India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bhoswana, Kenya and Burundi, Bhakta said at the KTO’s headquarters here.

The KTO is a joint venture between the Kerala Tourism Corporation (KTC) and the Tourism Development Corporation of India (TDCI), a joint corporation of Kerala State and the Kerala Government.

The TDCI, a private company, was established in 1991 to manage the KTC and the other enterprises of the Kerala State.

The Kerala Tourism Authority has a budget of Rs 4,000 crore.

Bhakta said the KTOU will be led by its Chief Executive Officer, Rajesh Chatterjee, and will include its CEO and Vice President, Rajitha Chatterji.

It will be managed by a team led by Bhaskari.

Bhakti said the company is confident in its future.

The company will be able to build a stronger and better tourism business.

The board will continue to grow and diversify its operations.

The KTC has said it wants to expand to serve tourists from the Middle East and Africa, especially from the African countries.

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