Australian tourists to pay $8.75 for an island hotel

The average tourist in Australia pays $8,500 for a four-star hotel.

But with hotel operators facing competition from Chinese tourists, that number is set to rise.

A new online booking tool, the Australian Travel Association’s HotelBooker, lets travellers book their rooms on a number of properties.

It allows them to pick from a list of hotels with popular holiday properties and choose their room rates based on the rooms’ popularity.

The booking process can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the hotel and the hotel’s popularity.

The process works like this: You select a hotel from the hotel bookers website, then enter the name of the property you want to book, and click “Buy”.

After booking your room, the hotel will tell you what it charges, and the cost of your room.

This is the hotel you can choose to book.

The hotel will then send you a confirmation email.

You can check the hotel booking on the booking site.

The HotelBookers website has some great deals on Australia’s most popular hotels.

The cheapest hotel for four nights is a four star Royal Adelaide Hotel, with a room rate of $16,800.

The cheapest hotel in Perth is a five star Hotel Royal Hotel, at a rate of just $12,800, with rooms costing just $6,100 per night.

The least expensive hotel is a six-star, four star Hotel Westfield Sydney, at $10,100.

The lowest cost hotel is the four-bedroom, five star hotel, at just $8500.

This isn’t the first time hotels have been offering better prices for international visitors.

In 2016, the average Australian hotel booked an average of just over $8K per night, compared to an average US hotel booking of $4,000 per night in 2015.

If you’re planning on spending your holiday with your family or friends in Australia, it’s worth checking out the Australian Tourism Association’s guide to the best hotels in the country.

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