‘You Can’t Just Take It For Granted’: New Jersey’s Jersey Shore is Changing After Hurricane Irene

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has a plan to make the state a tourist destination again after Hurricane Irenee knocked out power to nearly 60,000 residents and left millions without power.

Christie is proposing a $500 million program to make New Jersey a top tourist destination.

In a statement, Christie said the state will get a “top-notch system” of infrastructure and public transportation to handle the economic impact.

New Jersey residents are encouraged to check out the Jersey Shore, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and will get back on the road soon, Christie’s office said.

Christie’s proposal was first reported by NJ.com.

He said it will help the state “rebalance” to a tourist industry after Irene.

He also said New Jersey has a $1.6 billion economy.

“This will help us be a top-notched destination,” Christie said in a statement.

Christie said his office would begin construction in the first quarter of 2019 and will spend at least $500m on infrastructure projects. “

I will do everything I can to support this plan, which includes making sure that the infrastructure is the best in the nation, as we have done in other states.”

Christie said his office would begin construction in the first quarter of 2019 and will spend at least $500m on infrastructure projects.

Christie said he also plans to boost the state’s tourism economy.

He told NJ.co.uk that the state is going to need “a lot of infrastructure investment” for the coming years, adding that it’s been a difficult time for the state.

Christie will also introduce legislation next month to allow the sale of a tax-free ticket to the Jersey City casino, which was hit hard by Irene and Christie has said he will “continue to fight” to have it open.

The plan also includes $3 million in federal funding for state-owned ports and airports to handle increased traffic.

Christie says he wants to see the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs New Jersey Transit, reopen and bring back rail service.

“That is an important part of our future plan,” Christie told NJTV.

“Our future plans include a $100 million increase in passenger service, and we’re also planning for more bus rapid transit.”

Christie also said he wants the state to “re-establish” the New Jersey National Guard.

He’s been lobbying the governors office to reopen the Guard, but his office has said that has not yet happened.

Christie also told NJcom that the Guard will not be part of any new federal spending plans.

“The Guard will remain a state agency,” Christie’s statement said.

“But we have a very long way to go to rebuild our Guard, which will include making sure it can do what it was created to do and that it can be fully funded.”

Christie, a Republican, has been criticized by many New Jersey Democrats for taking his advice to the governor.

New Democrats have also criticized the governor for the way the Guard has responded to the storm.

“In New Jersey we have had the largest percentage increase in the number of Guard members since the beginning of the war,” Democratic state Senator Frank Lautenberg said on the Today show.

“What are we doing to help our Guard members?

Are we giving them enough money?

Is there enough training?

Christie did not address whether he’ll seek reelection next year. “

The governor has said, well, we’ll go to the next step, which I think is the Governor’s Budget, and then we’ll figure out what we do with that money,” Lautenburg added.

Christie did not address whether he’ll seek reelection next year.

“There is no way to comment at this time,” a spokesman for the governor’s office told NJtv.com, adding, “the governor is focused on the recovery efforts of New Jersey.”

Christie is also trying to lure back some of the tourists that were stranded after the storm, including his brother, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, who is seeking re-election, told reporters after Hurricane Sandy that New Jersey would have to “get out of the way” to get tourists back.

“And we’re not going to do that,” Bloomberg said.

But Christie said it’s up to the states and territories to figure out how to rebuild.

“It’s a complicated issue,” he said.

He added that it would be up to those states and the territories to decide how they would pay for the $500 billion program.

“If the state of New Hampshire wants to help rebuild, if it’s the governor and the governor has the power to do so, then they can help.

But it’s not up to me,” Christie added.

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