‘No-go zone’: Norway says it’s considering banning tourists from its islands

Norway has announced that it is considering banning visitors from its faroe islands and will try to limit the number of tourists in its towns.

The country’s tourism ministry said in a statement on Friday that it was looking into possible restrictions of all tourist activities, including skiing and boating.

The move comes after a recent study by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Nynorsk), which found that the country’s tourist season had been affected by the coronavirus.

Norwegian tourism has experienced a steep drop in recent months, and this could be part of the reason for the drop, Nynorskn said.

Norway is among the world’s most popular holiday destinations, with a third of all visitors spending their trip in the country.

The Norwegian government has been under pressure to implement stricter controls after the death of a Norwegian woman in the US who contracted the virus while holidaying in the Faroe Islands.

“No-Go Zones” In September, Norwegian authorities announced they would close down some of its tourist sites in the island nation’s south and west, including the historic town of Sjælstad, a town famed for its spectacular lighthouse.

On the other side of the world, the French city of Bordeaux said it would ban all non-essential travel in the south-east of the island of Guadeloupe.

Last week, the Dutch island of Nieuwland also announced it was planning to ban all outdoor activities, but it did not include all activities that might have had the potential to cause respiratory problems.

The decision comes as Norway’s government has struggled to cope with the spread of the virus, which has also killed more than 2,000 people and affected thousands of people across Europe.

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