When will the Olympics be cancelled?

The Rio Olympics are almost over, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is about to take over.

But what happens if a big sporting event like the Olympics ends up being cancelled? 

What are the chances of the Games being cancelled before they start? 

That depends on how much money is spent.

If the Games were cancelled, the money would be redistributed to the host city, but the host country would still have to pay for the cost of hosting the Games.

That would mean a host country might not be able to get enough Olympic funding to host the Games, even if it can afford to.

A lot of money would need to be raised for the Games to go ahead, which would mean that the host nation would have to start a new Olympic bid, which could be a long, drawn-out process.

And that would mean the IOC would have a very difficult job on its hands, and would be forced to work hard to keep the Games going.

But it could be much easier for the IOC to just go ahead and cancel the Games altogether.

In recent years, the IOC has put pressure on host countries to make it possible for them to host Olympic Games, and has put in place a series of “no-cost” measures to ensure that athletes and officials will be paid fairly.

But those measures have been criticised by many of the host countries themselves, as well as by the IOC.

And so far, there’s been no shortage of people who have been critical of the IOC’s decision to cancel the Olympics.

A number of host nations, including Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, the UK, the US and the USA, have announced that they won’t be attending the Olympics in 2020. 

If the IOC decides to cancel, they would be free to go their own way, and could take up other options.

But many have said that the IOC should at least be honest with the host host countries.

“It’s clear that they’re not willing to talk to us,” says Anna Leclerc, head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

“We have to show them that they are making their own decisions.” 

If host countries decide not to go, the Olympic games would still happen in 2024.

But some other host countries are already planning to skip the Olympics altogether, with a number of them saying that they wouldn’t take part if the Games are cancelled.

The US has said that it would consider boycotting the 2020 Olympic Games if the IOC cancels the Games without compensation, as has France.

Australia and Canada have also said they will not be attending if the Olympics are cancelled, and that if the hosts choose not to take part, they should not be penalised for not attending.

The IOC has not yet commented on the criticism of the hosts. 

However, the host nations that are currently planning to miss the Olympics say that they will try to negotiate with the IOC and the host governments to ensure the Games can go ahead.

“We will have discussions with the hosting countries,” says IOC vice-president for external relations Robert Pauris.

“But at this point we need to make sure that the Games go ahead in a fair way.”

What will happen if the Olympic Games are not cancelled?

If the Olympics were to go forward, there would be no reason for the host cities to stop hosting the games.

In some cases, it would be a case of hosting cities having to give up their bid, but this is rare.

The host cities would still be able continue to host events at the Games through 2020.

And some would continue to take the Games in 2020, including South Korea and Australia.

There is one big risk to the Games – the virus.

In 2024, the number of cases in the Olympic host cities will be higher than in 2024, and some Olympic host countries could become infected with the coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said it is “quite optimistic” that there won’t have been a significant increase in cases in 2024 compared to the number recorded in 2020 and beyond.

But if the virus does reach Australia, South Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Sudan, then it could cause serious problems for athletes and visitors alike.

“If you think about the amount of money that the countries that will be hosting the Olympics have to put into these Games and how many people they are going to have to support, that could potentially be a very costly event,” says Mark Burden, the president of the Institute for Public Affairs and International Affairs.

Burden says that hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2022, 2022, 2024 and 2024 will be “the biggest event in history”.

“The idea of this is that we could have this kind of sporting spectacle and then this would be the last big event in the world, that’s not possible,” he says.

“So there are some real dangers there, and you just have to be prepared for that.

The risk of a pandemic would also be

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